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  New Fairfield Babe Ruth League
2008 Spring Season General Information for
Parents, Coaches and Players

Babe Ruth baseball is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing better citizens by providing properly supervised baseball competition for players 5 through 18 years of age.  Established in 1951, there are now over 48,000 teams competing in over 7,900 leagues in the US and Canada.  

Babe Ruth baseball in New Fairfield was started in 1975.  Our web site is (You can also get here with ) The web site is undergoing major changes this year and we hope that it becomes a focal place for you to obtain up to date information. 

2008 Spring Season, 13-15 Year Old League
Many people ask why we combine all players in our league instead of having a 13 year old prep league and a 14-15 year old league.  The primary reasons for this are: 

  1. The large number of 7th and 8th graders in the league.
  2. The small number of 15 year old players.
  3. The need to complete the season at approximately the same time as the school year ends and before the District Tournaments begin.
  4. The high school teams play until late May.  A player is not eligible to play in Babe Ruth while the high school season is ongoing.
  5. With points 4 and 5, a compressed season for the 14-15’s would be difficult to have.

The positives of combining the three age groups are we are able to have at least 6 in-house teams of 12-13 players per team. A 10 to 12 game schedule with a playoff season is being planned. There will be no out of town play unless a player is chosen to play on a summer travel team.

We recognize that the 13 year olds need to adjust to several new aspects of baseball they had not experienced before. This includes learning how as a runner to take a lead off a base, as a pitcher what constitutes a balk, and as a batter and catcher what may happen when a 3rd strike is dropped in different circumstances to name just a few. If necessary, we will work with the coaches to establish additional ground rules while the 13’s adjust to the full diamond.

  We will give all 6 teams’ equal strength of players throughout the season. 

It should be an exciting season, one that we anticipate the players will enjoy with their friends and classmates, while experiencing and learning the game on the big diamond.  We know that all of you will be supportive of the players, coaches and umpires and we appreciate your positive conduct at the games

2008 New Fairfield Babe Ruth Officers and Board Members
The NFBRL Board is made up of volunteers with a simple principal of letting the players play ball in an organized league as safely as possible.  I ask that you address issues with a Board member or contact Joe Stunkard at with concerns. 

Joe Stunkard - President 
Alex Guardi - Vice-President

Board Members 
Scott Andreozzi
Doug Hooper
Jim Filmer
Joe Murphy
Steve Ng
Kristin Stunkard
Tom Mack
Pat Browne

Michael Jordan in the Jordan Rules by Sam Smith
“Even now,…I still think to myself that my greatest accomplishment really is the Most Valuable Player Award I got when my Babe Ruth League team won the state baseball championship.”  

Thank you – Joe Stunkard, President New Fairfield Babe Ruth league


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